This server is for a group of players who are interested in joining a white-listed pure vanilla survival server, running on 1.7.3 beta. Which provides a nostalgic survival experience for a community of friendly players who are mature and respectful of one another. Running the server 24/7 along with pvp set as disabled.

Server Info:

Server engine: CraftBukkit 1060

Plugins: IPNotify, Essentials, authme, NoCheat, DiscordCore, DiscordChat.


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  1. No cheating or using mods/clients that perform cheats.
  2. No griefing or stealing.
  3. No lag machines/purposefully lagging the server.
  4. The only builds allowed in spawn are player shops, decorative builds, public utility builds, and public plant farms. No mob farms in spawn! Also be sure to maintain the same style of road in spawn when building a branch road to a build.
  5. Do not build near other players bases without their permission.
  6. Do not build your base within the spawn area marked by the square of cobblestone in the sky. (I recommend using the netherhub to dig a tunnel far away for your base!)
  7. Respect other players and their opinions.
  8. No discussions over topics that may be offensive to others such as politics/religion. (We are here to play a game after all!)
  9. Use common sense. Feel free to ask any questions you have.


Dynmap overview


To gain access to the server, join the BetaCraft discord server and fill out a short application about yourself! My discord is Seul#0065. Alternatively you can fill out this form if you do not have a discord account.


Betacraft have a Discord server for joining the whitelist, news, chat and other information.

Click here for a Discord invite link.

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